Kennedy Connors

All Hallows Eve: The Lights Flickered Out

 As darkness fell about the room, it transformed into Kennedy’s old home. More specifically, it transformed into her kitchen. The edges of everything were foggy, like some distant memory taking over the surroundings, but it was still possible to make out what was going on. A woman stood in the kitchen, Kennedy’s fiance, Maxie, and she was facing another, a man in a full bodysuit, with a gun pointed directly at Maxie. She was pleading for her life, desperate to live. A malicious laugh filled the surrounding air over the sobs of Maxie as she begged to live, but it was all drowned out by the sound of a gunshot echoing through the room. Maxie fell backwards, bleeding from the wound caused by the bullet; the same malicious laughter filled the air again and the ballroom faded back into view, laugh still echoing through the air, though it seemed no one aside from Kennedy could hear it.

She took a step back, and then another, her heart pounding in her chest, ears ringing as her back hit the wall. There was no way, she had never seen those things, had never imagined them. Sure she had nightmares after the incident, but they had never been so vivid, had never seemed so real, Maxie’s killer had never seemed so sadistic. She had always assumed it was a robbery, house invasion gone wrong, that the killer was still wracked with some sort of guilt. Eyes wide, a scream, words caught in her throat and she sank to the ground, unsure how to respond.

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